The Challenge

A relocation firm contacted MyPorter about a confidential, high level cast member leasing an Atlanta home for over year during a local shoot. The personal effects of the cast member were already en-route from Los Angeles and the agency needed a partner who could receive the furniture and personal effects, QA the condition of the goods, and then ultimately deliver and install the items in the rental home. To complicate matters, the owner of the rental required that anything moved in his home must be photographed and returned to its exact place prior the cast member moving in.

How we Helped

To proactively address these issues, MyPorter sent a project manager to the home to evaluate the location. Working with relocation agency, MyPorter delivered a flexible solution that accurately measured monthly storage pricing based on reduction in inventory levels and a flat, easily understood fee for delivery.


The project went extremely smoothly with the new home installation resulting in a well-run operation and secure storage for highly personal effects. The client is gearing up to use MyPorter on another project in the Atlanta area.

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