Atlanta Film Industry Logistics & Warehouse Storage Services

Coordinate logistics for pre-production, live shoot, and post production operations.


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Meet Your Production Deadlines with Efficient Atlanta Film Logistics

Flexible Terms

Forget about traditional warehousing models, Porter Logistics offers a scalable solution that grows without locking you in to a 5-year contract. No fixed costs or long-term commitments required, add capacity instantly and pay only for what you need.


This isn’t your grandpappy’s supply chain, when you need visibility into your inventory or the Porter Logistics truck fleet in motion, you’ve got it at the click of a button.

Full Suite of Services

From shipping / receiving to long-term storage to final mile delivery and installation, Porter Logistics has a solution for your needs. With dedicated resources, warehouses, and fleet you can depend on us to get your business to its final destination.

Avoid Startup Costs or Long-Term Agreements

Now you can have a logistics organization that’s dedicated to serving your customers without the upfront investment. With Porter Logistics there are no start up fees and you pay only for the capacity and services you use so you can refocus that investment on sales and growth.

Atlanta Film Warehouse Storage and Logistics Services

Film Storage and Logistics Services

We offer a complete array of services that scale along with your needs at extremely competitive rates. Our goal is for your project to come in on time and under budget.

Our Customers Use Us For:

  • Storage and Pickup / Retrieval of Props
  • Freight Shipping / Receiving
  • Site Logistics
  • Short / Long-Term Storage
  • Residential Moving & Storage for Cast & Crew
  • Final Mile Delivery and Installation

Our Team becomes

Your Team

Film Warehouse

Pickers & Packers? Check. Forklift drivers? Check. Forget about staffing a logistics organization and focus on what you do best.

Expert Film
Logistics Advice

Take advantage of our expert project managers, many of whom have come from the largest logistics companies in the world. Tell us your requirements and our operations team will execute your vision to reality.

Equipment &
Infrastructure Provided

Our facility is racked, technology implemented, and equipment is provided. Put your resources elsewhere, like running your business.


Technology is in our DNA

Efficiently track your inventory using the Porter Logistics dashboard and WMS system free of charge. If you want to bring your own, that’s ok too. We play well with others!

Your Single Source of Truth

Manage inventory levels, order data and control billing from the same system

Conveniently Located within the Atlanta GA Metro, the Logistics Capital of the United States

Situated Strategically within the Atlanta Metro

Local Atlanta Metro
  • Downtown: 17 Minutes
    Georgia Aquarium
    Coke HQ
  • Midtown: 18 Minutes
    Bank Of America Plaza
    Atlantic Station

  • Buckhead: 25 Minutes
    Phipps Plaza
    Lenox Mall
  • Hartsfield Jackson Airport: 22 Minutes
    Largest Airport in the United States

  • Norcross: 34 Minutes
    HD Supply DC
  • McDonough: 47 Minutes
    Home Depot DC
    Nestle DC
    Dunkin Donuts DC

Logistics Capital of the South

  • Porter Logistics Tampa DC – 7 Hours
  • Birmingham: 2 Hours
  • Port of Savannah: 4 Hours
    Fastest Growing Port in America

  • Nashville: 4 Hours
  • Charlotte: 4.25 Hours

  • Port of Charleston: 5 Hours
  • Port of Mobile: 5 Hours

  • Port of Jacksonville: 5.25 Hours
  • Orlando: 6.5 Hours

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Film : Case in Point

Atlanta Film Industry Relocation Firm Uses Porter Logistics for High Profile Cast Relocation

The Challenge

A relocation firm contacted Porter Logistics about a confidential, high level cast member leasing an Atlanta home for over year during a local shoot. The personal effects of the cast member were already en-route from Los Angeles and the agency needed a partner who could receive the furniture and personal effects, QA the condition of the goods, and then ultimately deliver and install the items in the rental home. To complicate matters, the owner of the rental required that anything moved in his home must be photographed and returned to its exact place prior the cast member moving in.

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Ready for a new commercial warehouse and logistics solution?

Build a dynamic, flexible warehousing and fulfillment network that meets demand, every time. Get the logistics services you need to exceed customer expectations and grow your business fast.

Porter Logistics - For Film prop and Film Equipment Storage in Atlanta

The recent boom experienced by Atlanta’s film industry has resulted in the need for dedicated film-related storage and logistics services in the Atlanta area.

Are you in search of a reliable, trustworthy transportation and storage company that can store your film props and film equipment in Atlanta? – Then your search is over, Porter Logistics offers you a full-service solution for all of your film prop and equipment storage requirements. With more and more films being produced in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, it has been dubbed as the ‘Hollywood of the South’ and Porter Logistics is proud to support the industry through the provision of our tailored services.


Our storage facility has 24-hour interior and exterior video security surveillance, with motion detectors, monitored access, sprinkler systems, and fire monitoring. We also have an extensive inventory management system in place that tracks all items that enter our warehouse.

When transporting your items, our packing and transportation teams will make sure that all your items reach their destination safely. We will package up your items and load them onto our MyPorter trucks, carefully holding them in place to ensure safe transit.

  • If you plan to store a digital camera for more than a month, it is advisable to remove the memory card and battery to prevent the battery from leaking and the memory card from fusing into its slot.
  • When storing your camera for an extended period, be sure to remove both the lens and any filters. It is best to put a cap on the lens mount (where the lens attaches to the camera body), to protect the inside of the camera from dust, dirt and moisture.