Integrate in Minutes

Spend more time selling and less time hacking & creating custom workarounds.


  • Pre-Built Integrations with 50+ shopping carts & marketplaces
  • Automate Order & Inventory Management workflows
  • View performance data & detailed reporting
  • Leading EDI management providers & technology
  • Open, RESTful API with extensive developer resources for custom requirements

Featured Integrations

Shopping Carts




Shopping Carts

We understand the importance of managing and fulfilling product across multiple sales channels. With Porter Logistics, utilize pre established connections to the most sought-after shopping carts and sales channels in this fast-paced eCommerce environment.

Sync inventory, in real-time, across multiple shopping carts and start fulfilling orders as soon as they’re placed. With built-in shipment tracking feeding back to your shopping carts, your customers are always in the know.


Market Places

Managing inventory is hard enough with a single online store. Start listing products on Amazon, eBay, or others and keep your inventory, shipping, and Fulfillment in once place with Porter Logistics.

We’ll link it all together, enabling you to concentrate on the things your great at: selling great products


Use Porter Logistics’ easy to use, customizable API that you can depend on to drive your operation
Comprehensive Integration

Get everything from labels and manifests to tracking and returns, all in one single integration.

Global Carrier Integration

With one connection, you get access to an international network of carriers

Open, RESTful API

Our API offers clearly-defined endpoints, example code, test mode, and more.

Developer Friendly

Pre-built client libraries in cSharp, Python, Javascript / Java, PHP, and Swift

Building Blocks & Custom Scripts

Making our API work for you and your environment doesn't stop with external API access. Learn how to use Building Blocks and User Scripts to customize workflows, reports, data, and actions

Best-in-class Infrastructure

Built on AWS ensures reliability and performance to meet your SLA’s



Porter Logistics connects you with the leading providers of EDI management and technology using our best-in-class preferred partners

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