Tradeshow Logistics

The Challenge

An ad agency representing an alcoholic spirits company had a twice-yearly activation at a local Atlanta Trade show. The agency did not have the office space to hold their client’s exhibit and didn’t possess the infrastructure to storage, deliver, setup, and remove the Atlanta trade show exhibit itself. They needed a partner who could handle the process from beginning to end and faithfully store the items in a climate-controlled facility and handle the logistical challenges.

How we Helped

To proactively address these issues, MyPorter sent a project manager to the agency’s office to the materials and deliver an accurate quote. MyPorter delivered a flexible solution that accurately measured monthly storage pricing with discounts for long-term stays and a flat, easily understood fee for delivery and pickup.


The project went extremely smoothly with the exhibit installation and take-down resulting in a well-run operation and secure storage for the items. The client is gearing up to use MyPorter on another project in the Atlanta area.

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