Porter Profiles: Codee Burton

Senior Account Executive – MyPorter Commercial

Codee Burton (LinkedIn) is the Senior Account Executive for MyPorter Commercial, changing the way supply chain organizations manage logistics and warehousing.

Codee currently leads all business development efforts for MyPorter’s Commercial Division. He brings extensive experience in the supply chain industry to the MyPorter Commercial team, starting his career at the second-largest freight brokerage in the United States – Total Quality Logistics. In his spare time, he’s also a die-hard Tennessee football fan and a professionally sponsored disc golf player.

What attracted you to the world of logistics?

Logistics is one of the most rewarding arenas to work in. I feel a sincere sense of accomplishment and fulfillment (no pun intended) knowing that my continued efforts play a significant role in getting the consumer the products that they want and/or need. Everything around us, literally everything, was once in a warehouse and at one time or another on a truck. 

What life motto do you aspire to live by?

“Make your name a name to remember” – Stan Whitlock 

How do you like to spend your free time? 

You can find me on a golf or disc golf course nearly every weekend (rain or shine!) When I’m not competing in or preparing for an upcoming tournament, I’m usually on our hunting property. 

Favorite aspect of life at MyPorter?

I’m ecstatic about the waves of disruption we are bringing to the market. The industry has never before seen or experienced a service like MyPorter. Coupling decades of experience with a focus on modernized technology and a fresh vantage point on warehousing and logistics makes for an exciting time to be a part of this organization. 

Where do you see MyPorter in 5 years?

Major growth is inevitable for MyPorter. The speed in which we are expanding makes it very difficult to put into words in where we will be without selling ourselves short. Global dominance? Maybe. A “household name” in the warehousing + logistics marketplace? Absolutely! 

Porter Profiles: Geno Eckley

Director of Operations – MyPorter Commercial

Geno Eckley - MyPorter Director of Operations

Geno Eckley (LinkedIn) is the new Director of Operations for MyPorter Commercial, changing the way supply chain organizations manage logistics and warehousing.

Geno leads all operations for MyPorter’s Commercial Division. Prior to MyPorter, Geno was VP of Warehousing Operations at Broadrange Logistics, one of the most rapidly scaling 3PL firms in the Southeast. A self described no-nonsense operations and logistics executive and former Recon-Marine, Geno brings 35 years of operations and general management experience to the team. In this article, we wanted to profile our newest member of the team:

What attracted you to the world of logistics?
I started my career out of the Marines as a track and swim coach. I really enjoy developing people and making them believe they can do the impossible. Managing a warehouse floor, truckers, and all of the associated daily chaos is very similar to coaching a sports team or commanding a military unit. When the team isn’t working in unison, it performs poorly. But when everyone is “rowing the boat,” in the same direction, that’s when the magic happens. I find it very rewarding to mold people and teams. After coaching, I was a National Sales Manager and got involved in logistics to resolve issues in deliveries to my customers. My sales philosophy was always very customer-service centric and I took to logistics like a duck to water.

What life motto do you aspire to live by?
I believe there is no more noble of a pursuit than leading by example. The world would get by much better with more servant leaders.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I was fortunate enough to be involved in athletics all my life as both an athlete (semi pro triathlete) and a coach and continue to workout a minimum of four days a week. Being from a big Italian family, I very much enjoy good food, cooking, as well as entertaining.

Favorite aspect of life at MyPorter Commercial?
We are HAVING FUN. I believe MyPorter Commercial is in the formative stages of creating a much BIGGER an BETTER MyPorter that will fill a huge hole in the traditional warehousing model. It is FUN to watch the continued growth and change. It’s a little like building a plane that’s flying forward at 600 MPH.

Where do you see MyPorter in 5 years?
I envision a time in the not so distant future where we are replicating what we have done here in other locations. Objectively I would like to see us open a minimum of one new city every six months. MyPorter Commercial can be a game changer in the 3PL (third party logistics) and supply chain worlds by specializing in our flexibility and can do attitude to assist any size customer with their Warehousing, Inventory Management, and Fulfillment and Distribution needs.