Small Business / Startups

The Challenge

A new furniture company was having trouble coordinating shipping container unloading, product sorting and QC, distribution to stores, and fulfilling online retail purchases. As their business grew and online became a larger portion of the business, these issues became more acute and were causing headaches that diverted attention from growing their business

How we Helped

MyPorter took over the full logistics process so they could focus on what they’re good at – designing and selling furniture. MyPorter coordinated the delivery, unloading, and sorting of all mixed-SKU containers from southeast Asia and conducted quality control checks to ensure furniture was delivered in good condition. As orders were received, MyPorter also coordinated fulfillment of product to online customers within 24 hours, fully automated without the customer’s manual intervention. MyPorter also supplies the client with bi-weekly cycle counts by SKU so that they always know what is left to sell and when new product needs to be ordered.


The client’s stress levels went down dramatically, and they were able to go back to doing what they really enjoyed – designing, marketing, and making their customers’ happy. Now the client has been able to start growing rapidly again without the constant worry of how to get products to their customers.