Porter Logistic is Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD) verified

Porter Logistics is pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD) verification. This achievement reiterates our company’s commitment to demonstrating expertise, stewardship, and professionalism in ensuring the highest quality, safety, sustainability, and performance through ACD Responsible Distribution.

Established in 1991, Responsible Distribution is a comprehensive set of environmental, health, safety, security, and sustainability standards that continuously improve every aspect of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal.

The program verifies facilities against guiding principles, including strict adherence to laws and regulations. It also encourages participation in forming responsible laws, regulations, and practices to protect the community, workplace, and environment.

Participation in Responsible Distribution offers significant benefits such as fewer safety and environmental incidents, and improved business practices that are safer, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly. It also enhances communication with local communities and encourages continuous improvement in sustainability and innovation through recognized best practices and strict regulatory adherence.