Fulfillment & Distribution

eCommerce Furniture Retailer Uses MyPorter for East Coast Fulfillment and Distribution

The Challenge

A eCommerce furniture retailer with a Los Angeles-only distribution and fulfillment center wanted to establish an East Coast hub to reduce shipping costs and time to customer. They needed a partner with the ability to receive floor-loaded containers from Vietnam shipped in through the Port of Savannah, distribute the product as needed, and fulfill daily orders to be shipped to individual customers via UPS.

How we Helped

MyPorter established clear, a-la-carte pricing for the various services required. The client received a flat rate charge per container for off-loading and palletizing the product in from overseas, monthly storage charges that flexed up and down based on product in the building each month, and a flat rate per order that was submitted by a certain time deadline each day. We quoted pricing for both same-day and next-day shipping that allowed the client to offer varying levels of service to their end customer.


The client was thrilled with the optionality provided by MyPorter’s fulfillment and distribution services. They cut average delivery times to their East Coast customers by 2 days and saved 30{dcfbef177b452fa95c9a2a231a6698db2b4a56b7c9bd4d99399418f9838d54fe} on delivery costs, leading to higher customer satisfaction from their end customers. In addition, the CEO praised the team for allowing him to focus on selling and growing the business vs. monitoring the daily execution of their fulfillment and distribution logistics.