Cross Dock Chronicles v2 – Space Jam, Lana del Ray, & Paul Bunyan come to town

ABOUT: In the fast-paced, sometimes wacky world of logistics we come across fun cross docking projects that are short-term in nature. Refused loads, last minute requests….in the Porter Logistics mantra of “always flexible,” we’re happy to answer the bell for our compatriots in the logistics industry. Cross docking in Atlanta is a critical component of JIT (Just in time) Logistics that creates efficiencies in the supply chain by avoiding storage costs. Loads come in by container, are put on the “Cross dock,” and then inventory is apportioned to outgoing deliveries for their final destination. Typical time on the dock is less than 48 hours (for more info on Cross Docking, go here.) Note that the Cross Dock Chronicles are written tongue-in-cheek, often poorly written, and commentary should rarely, if ever, be taken literally.

Project 1: The MONSTARS are COMING

For a lot of 90’s kids, including this writer, Michael Jordan and his transcendent work – Space Jam, was a childhood retreat into the world of sport and fantasy. If you’re unfamiliar with the plot, Space Jam is the tale of an epic struggle against inter-planetary aliens, The MONSTARS. The format? Basketball game. The stakes? The future of the human race. Michael Jordan, along with Bugs, Bunny, Daffy, Duck, and the incomparable Bill Murray save humanity from enslavement through their ability to persevere through struggle and wholesome mastery of the alley-oop.

Notwithstanding the transparent cash grab by Warner Brothers (in this writer’s opinion) to remake the timeless classic……wait a second, isn’t this column about Logistics & Cross-docking? Let’s back on track.

When Warner Brothers (not really), called Porter Logistics – they were in desperate need to house props (disclaimer, this is not true) for the assuredly inferior remake (almost assuredly true) for the new Space Jam. Some basketball goals had been tied up and needed a home so that the bean-counters could figure where to house these next. The team hopped on it, said a prayer to the unquestioned GOAT (MJ if anyone is wondering), and got to work. The hardware was off-loaded with tender care and then reloaded safely and securely.

Project 2: The Claw is Law

Can you say “perfect timing?” After a long, nasty 2020 beset by COVID-19, 2021 is sure to be a year of hope and is there anymore indication that a return to normalcy is coming than stores starting to ramp up their stock of White Claw?

Porter Logistics got the call from our exceptional freight brokerage friends, Total Quality Logistics. A driver had an alcoholic seltzer problem that needed fixing, namely some pallets has disintegrated and needed rebuilding and rewrapping. Our team didn’t hesitate to answer the bell, practically salivating at the opportunity to rebuild pallets full of that sweet sweet nectar of ATL pool party season.

We could hear phantom Lana del Ray pumping through the walls, the primal urge to turn Porter Logistics’ into a warehouse rave party tempered by the realization that this would violate the five “S’ of lean warehousing (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) as enforced by our inimitable Director of Operations. Sigh. We’ll have to settle for enabling all of you degenerates to enjoy your BBQ’s and pool days.

Project 3: The Canadiens are Coming, The Canadiens are Coming

Paul Bunyan, famed 8 foot-tall, 300 pound French-Canadian lumberjack with a penchant for incredible feats of strength, would have been proud of the Porter-Logistics team for handling our client’s product with the deft hand of a full-time woodsman. No, we’re not talking about Maple Syrup – but that #1 export of our neighbors to the North, Grade-A Lumber.

Our client required a number of specialty services: non-standard pallets, fork-lifting simultaneously in tandem, and banding services to ensure their precious cargo didn’t get loose in transport. Paul undoubtedly would have been confused by the flat-bed trailer in lieu of his trusty sidekick “Babe,” the blue ox. A sign of the times Paul, a sign of these modern times.

Another day, another dollar (US Dollar, that is).

As Paul, would say “au revoir” – until next time kids.

The Porter Logistics Team