Vendor Spotlight: Crushr

In the logistics industry, our vendors are everything. The difference in a happy or unhappy customer. A profitable engagement or a money loser. In the spirit of celebrating our local vendors, we celebrate them and the value they bring to our industry.

This month we’re excited to honor the Crushr team!  The husband-wife team of Shannon & Brandon Reynolds are helping Porter Logistics with our green initiatives and also bringing awesome cost savings to our business. Most people don’t think of trash a large expense, but it really adds up when business is heavy.

When Alex (Crushr technician / sales savant) first visited our facility we were extremely skeptical.  He promised us less down time, a better-looking facility, and that he’d save us money. 

So obviously we told him to get lost and that we didn’t want any of the snake oil he was selling!  He’s persistent though and finally we agreed to talk, “OK, what’s this all about?” It’s a deceptively simple idea, the dumpster company comes to pick up trash when the dumpster is full and you get charged. Every time there’s a pickup, a charge follows. But what if you could triple or even quadruple your existing dumpster capacity, and thus reduce your pickups? The answer is Crushr.

We reluctantly agreed to a free demo and were surprisingly impressed with the results!

1.       Our dumpster that we thought was full was all of a sudden ¼ full

2.       We immediately saved 50% on our hauling costs

3.       The Crushr machine looks really cool so we took some pictures in front of the warehouse (see image)

In terms of cost savings, Crushr has reduced our refuse removal costs by 75% and as a bonus we’ve been able to promote them as one of our green initiatives to prospective clients. At a cost effective rate, the ROI has been stellar. They’re way more than just an Atlanta dumpster service.

They’ve also been great partners to work with and we’d recommend them to almost any business unless you just hate saving money in which case you definitely should keep paying all that money to your hauling company.

Porter Profiles: Codee Burton

Senior Account Executive – MyPorter Commercial

Codee Burton (LinkedIn) is the Senior Account Executive for MyPorter Commercial, changing the way supply chain organizations manage logistics and warehousing.

Codee currently leads all business development efforts for MyPorter’s Commercial Division. He brings extensive experience in the supply chain industry to the MyPorter Commercial team, starting his career at the second-largest freight brokerage in the United States – Total Quality Logistics. In his spare time, he’s also a die-hard Tennessee football fan and a professionally sponsored disc golf player.

What attracted you to the world of logistics?

Logistics is one of the most rewarding arenas to work in. I feel a sincere sense of accomplishment and fulfillment (no pun intended) knowing that my continued efforts play a significant role in getting the consumer the products that they want and/or need. Everything around us, literally everything, was once in a warehouse and at one time or another on a truck. 

What life motto do you aspire to live by?

“Make your name a name to remember” – Stan Whitlock 

How do you like to spend your free time? 

You can find me on a golf or disc golf course nearly every weekend (rain or shine!) When I’m not competing in or preparing for an upcoming tournament, I’m usually on our hunting property. 

Favorite aspect of life at MyPorter?

I’m ecstatic about the waves of disruption we are bringing to the market. The industry has never before seen or experienced a service like MyPorter. Coupling decades of experience with a focus on modernized technology and a fresh vantage point on warehousing and logistics makes for an exciting time to be a part of this organization. 

Where do you see MyPorter in 5 years?

Major growth is inevitable for MyPorter. The speed in which we are expanding makes it very difficult to put into words in where we will be without selling ourselves short. Global dominance? Maybe. A “household name” in the warehousing + logistics marketplace? Absolutely!