Flexible Commercial Warehouse Storage Space in Atlanta

Fast or slow-turn, palletized or bulk – Porter Logistics has a flexible Atlanta warehouse storage solution that scales up and down with your needs. No long-term contracts or fixed terms


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Atlanta Commercial Warehouse
Storage - No Minimums Terms

Pallet or Bulk Warehouse Storage in Atlanta

Porter Logistics can store your items palletized or on the floor, we will craft a solution specific to your needs. Our Atlanta commercial warehouse space is clean, secure, and ready to house your inventory.

Size and Scale

Porter Logistics has over 260,000 square feet of racked warehouse space in Atlanta alone in addition to 40+ dock high doors. No job is too big or too small


No minimum contracts, no minimum space requirements in our Atlanta warehouse. You only pay for what you store with increasing savings the more square-footage you use

Avoid Startup Costs or Long-term Agreements

Now you can have a logistics organization that’s dedicated to serving your customers without the upfront cost. With Porter Logistics there are no start up fees and you pay only for the Atlanta warehouse storage space and services you use so you can refocus that investment on sales and growth.

We're More than Just

Atlanta Warehouse Storage

Logistics Organization

Pickers & Packers? Check. Forklift drivers? Check. Forget about staffing a logistics organization and focus on what you do best.


Take advantage of our expert project managers, many of whom have come from the largest logistics companies in the world. Tell us your requirements and our operations team will execute your vision to reality.

Fulfillment &

Porter Logistics is an expert in providing eCommerce fulfillment and distribution solutions in addition to offering Atlanta warehouse storage space. We are a full-service third-party logistics provider


Technology is in our DNA

Efficiently track your inventory using the Porter Logistics dashboard and WMS system free of charge. If you want to bring your own, that’s ok too. We play well with others!

Your Single Source of Truth

Manage inventory levels, order data and control billing from the same system. Understand how your Atlanta warehouse storage space is being utilized from moment to moment.

Conveniently Located within the Atlanta GA Metro, the Logistics Capital of the United States

Situated Strategically within the Atlanta Metro

Local Atlanta Metro
  • Downtown: 17 Minutes
    Georgia Aquarium
    Coke HQ
  • Midtown: 18 Minutes
    Bank Of America Plaza
    Atlantic Station

  • Buckhead: 25 Minutes
    Phipps Plaza
    Lenox Mall
  • Hartsfield Jackson Airport: 22 Minutes
    Largest Airport in the United States

  • Norcross: 34 Minutes
    HD Supply DC
  • McDonough: 47 Minutes
    Home Depot DC
    Nestle DC
    Dunkin Donuts DC

Logistics Capital of the South

  • Porter Logistics Tampa DC – 7 Hours
  • Birmingham: 2 Hours
  • Port of Savannah: 4 Hours
    Fastest Growing Port in America

  • Nashville: 4 Hours
  • Charlotte: 4.25 Hours

  • Port of Charleston: 5 Hours
  • Port of Mobile: 5 Hours

  • Port of Jacksonville: 5.25 Hours
  • Orlando: 6.5 Hours

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Short / Long Term Storage - Case in Point

Publicly Traded, Bay-Area Bank Uses Porter Logistics for Three Year Commercial Atlanta Warehouse Storage Project

The Challenge

A large, publicly-traded bank on the West Coast held the primary debt for a Atlanta-based fiber optic company on the verge of bankruptcy. While the company was winding down, it still held considerable technological assets whose value was in the tens of millions of dollars. Bankruptcy proceedings would take multiple years and the landlord for the company's Atlanta warehouse was one week from locking the doors (and all of the assets) inside. Without a physical presence in Atlanta, the client needed a local Atlanta commercial warehouse storage agent who could pickup, transport, and commercially store the assets in Atlanta for an undetermined length of time until bankruptcy and auction proceedings could be established and completed.

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Ready for a new Atlanta commercial warehouse storage and logistics solution?

Build a dynamic, flexible warehousing and fulfillment network that meets demand, every time. Get the logistics services you need to exceed customer expectations and grow your business fast.

Porter Logistics Short Term and Long Term Storage in Atlanta

Porter Logistics Short Term and Long Term Storage in Atlanta

When it comes to storing, managing, and keeping track of your company’s assets, why not entrust it to an expert? Porter Logistics commercial warehousing storage services can be an ideal partner for your business, offering both short term commercial storage and long term commercial storage. With a wealth of experience in commercial storage and relocation, Porter Logistics has established iron-clad processes that deliver efficient commercial storage and logistics solutions that your business requires.

With highly-trained, helpful staff and a comprehensive WMS system in place, we guarantee the secure storage and management of your inventory, with extensive monitoring capabilities and full accountability.

In addition to warehouse storage facilities, we offer our customers a range of value-added services including :

Atlanta eCommerce Fulfillment & Distribution

Atlanta Cross-Docking Services

● Kitting & Packing

● Reworking / Repackaging

● Inventory Management

Porter Logistics is always here to help allocate individuals and businesses the extra storage space and logistics they require.

Storage that’s Guaranteed
Our conveniently located commercial storage warehouse in Atlanta offers 260,000 sq feet of storage space, 40 dock-height doors, a temperature-controlled environment, 24/7 CCTV, and comes equipped with the modern amenities that will guarantee the safety and security of your items, until such a time that you need them again.

Porter Logistics commercial storage solutions offer:

Short term warehouse rental

Store your personal belongings, furniture, and equipment for a short term at an extremely cost-effective price. We’ll carefully unload your items for you into one of our climate controlled and fully secured commercial storage spaces

Long term business storage

If you require additional storage for your office equipment, records and inventory, consider Porter Logistics long-term storage services. Your items can be safely stored at one of our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities until the time comes that you need them once again.

What we offer your business
Effective Asset Management
We use an effective bar-coding system and database that will strategically manage your assets, and any requests you make for collection or delivery.

Our storage facilities are equipped with 24/7 manned security systems, together with CCTV video surveillance and advanced fire prevention technology and alarm systems.

Short/Long Term Storage Solutions
Contact Porter Logistics for flexible month-to-month plans for both long term and short term commercial storage, based on your needs and requirements. Our warehouse storage space can be easily configured to what works best for your goods. Alongside our storage solutions, we also offer full distribution services that will transport your goods wherever you need them to be, at whatever time you need them to be there.

High-Value Product Handling
Our specialists team are fully prepared to customize our storage space and practices, to incorporate your high-value products and equipment, providing the appropriate protection that your high-value assets need. All Porter Logistics  employees are background checked, and are provided with continuous training to ensure your stored assets are handled with a very high level of competence and care.

Atlanta Pallet Storage
If you’re looking for a warehouse that offers pallet storage options in our Atlanta warehouse, Porter Logistics is here for you. We have the capacity to handle any volume of Atlanta pallet storage that your business requires.

Often overlooked, pallets are an essential component of distribution, and Porter Logistics Atlanta pallet storage provides you with the following benefits :

Space saving – We eliminate the need for expensive shelving, making inventory management more simple for you. It’s a convenient and smart way of utilizing storage space.

Portability – Featuring lightweight construction for easy handling, and allows the movement of goods to be more efficient.

Product protection – Stronger than plastic-wrap and cardboard, pallets can be stacked and kept clear of standing water, dirt and debris.

Atlanta Pallet storage is cost-effective – Lowering your transportation costs while increasing operational efficiency. Pallets offer significant protection to goods, leading to a reduction in any losses.


We have flexible month-to-month options for both long term, as well as short term commercial warehouse storage solutions in Atlanta. Whether you want to store your items for one day, one month or one year, you have full control. Speak with our experts today to learn more about one of our plans.

Our services include:

  • PPE storage
  • Inventory management
  • Real-time tracking system
  • Cross-docking
  • Pickups & deliveries
  • Installations and renovations
  • Short term/Long term warehouse storage solutions in Atlanta
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E)
  • High-value product equipment storage and handling

Yes it is, Atlanta commercial warehouse storage solutions are always in-demand and are required now more than ever. Businesses are currently requesting between 5% to 15% more space to store their goods during the global pandemic.

You can track your items via the Porter Logistics dashboard and our WMS system, both are free to use.

You can call us on 404-574-4641 and connect with us directly. You can also receive a free quote by completing the form on our website.