Reverse Logistics

The Challenge

A nation-wide battery company serving the technology data center market needed a full-service partner who could bring them an end-to-end solution. The client needed to 1) ship new batteries to be installed directly to MyPorter’s reverse logistics distribution center 2) deliver product on- site in a specific sequence 3) pickup used batteries and score them appropriately based on their pre-developed rubric.

How we Helped

MyPorter provided a multi-faceted solution, receiving multiple truckloads of highly sensitive batteries that needed to be categorized and parceled out to multiple data center projects. MyPorter then used its dedicated fleet to distribute and then bring used batteries back to the MyPorter DC to be scored as “recycle,” “refurbish,” or “liquidate.” Our reverse logistics team scored every single product coming back from the data centers before ultimately distributing them back to the appropriate parties involved.


MyPorter’s technology platform allowed the client to have a clear picture of what inventory was in the MyPorter DC and the disposition scoring of all reversed product. As a result of the performance, we have transitioned the engagement from project-based to an ongoing agreement. MyPorter has executed a version of this project no less than six times (and counting) at the time of this writing.

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